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BG Teachers Trampoline Refresher Award Level 1

Course Details

This British Gymnastics certificated training course enables you to continue  teaching the trampolining skills within the original course syllabus for the benefit of your pupils unsupervised within the school curriculum only.  A range of skills from the level 1&2 syllabus will be covered during the course.  

Entry Requirements

You must be a qualified PE teacher or trainee PE teacher in the penultimate or final year of training.

Qualified Dance Teachers  with QTS may also attend this course

Minimum Age: 21 years.  

You must hold a level 1 and/or level 2  teachers trampoline award certificate issued by British Gymnastics to receive a certificate for this trampoline refresher course.

Assessment Criteria

Our professional courses tutors will assess your competence to  continue teaching trampolining through a variety of asessment methods such as practical assessment, self assessment questions and verbal questioning.  There is no written examination.


British Gymnastics will issue a certificate within 8 weeks to those who have successfully completed the course. A further refresher course should be completed every 2-3 years.


Jewellry is not permitted during the course for safety reasons.  You may  not be able to participate if you are unable or unwilling to remove jewellery.  Please note that you are not  entitled to a refund or transfer to an alternative course if this is the case.

Course Fees

Please see course specific booking forms for charges and available discounts.

Fees include: Initial training course, resource pack, handouts,  assessment and BG certification. Level 2 fees also include one coaching belt & written examination.


We prefer payment by BACS.  Please email finance@trampolinecentral.co.uk for our bank details.  

Terms & Conditions

 All accepted bookings will be charged for regardless of attendance.     Trampoline Central reserve the right to cancel courses at 5 days notice if less than 10 candidates book onto the course.  Submitting an application confirms acceptance of our terms & conditions which can be read in full on this website.

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