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Trampoline Central are always seeking new venues to hold our professional, high quality Trampolining Coaching Courses.  We use leisure centres, universities, colleges, schools and private trampolining clubs and will consider venues anywhere in the UK.  We also provide in-house trampolining courses both in the UK  and overseas if you meet the trampoline coaching course requirements.

If you are interested in hosting a trampolining course at your venue, first check your facility meets our minimum trampoline standards  listed below.  If your venue meets or exceeds our trampoline equipment requirements  contact us to discuss the possibility of organising a course.

 Essential Equipment Requirements

3-6  Trampolines (preferably school  trampolines with fixed chains). Minimum  of 2 trampolines for In-house training courses (depending on numbers)

One good quality push in mat per trampoline eg: 4 trampolines, 4 push in mats.

Sufficient Floor/Gym Mats that stretch from end deck to end deck or the full length of the trampolines

Crash Mats or Dividing mats to cover trampoline end frames when set out end to end

All equipment has been inspected within the last 12 months and is fit for purpose

Trampoline End Decks with good quality end deck mats or crash mats

Essential Facility Requirements

Access to FREE drinking water, water dispenser/water fountain

Access to Mens/Ladies toilets

Room suitable to seat up to 24 delegates for a written exam for one hour at the end of the course

Hotel  (Travel Lodge/Premier Inn  or other reasonably priced national hotel chain within 20-30 minutes drive of the venue)

FREE on-site or on-street car parking for all course delegates

Desirable Facilities Requirements

Hot & Cold Drink  Vending Machines or drink making facilities such as access to staff room.

Snack & Drink Vending Machines

 OR Access to a Canteen/Local Shop/Takeaway (for lunches) & Drinks

 Hire Charges

The fees we are pay vary depending on the area and quality of the facility and the number of trampolines available.  The fees cover all aspects of the trampolining course, including the use of an exam room.  We have set rental fees for each region and type of facility.  Sadly if your rental fees are too high we will not be able to use your venue for our courses.

Safety is paramount and should any of the essential items be missing when we arrive to run a course at your venue you will be expected to forfeit the hire charges and/or pay for course fees If you meet the above requirements and wish to host a trampoline course at your venue please contact our trampoline course organiser advising the full postal address of the venue and details of the equipment you have on site.

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