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All the following equipment is recommended for use in schools and recreational trampolining environments

The 77A  school model trampoline is the recommended trampoline for use in schools and recreational trampolining clubs.  This model comes with a 13mm webbed bed and lower lift roller stands for ease of use when setting out and packing away

 £3000 plus vat and delivery.  

Order No. 77A/13LTRS

77A 13L School Model Trampoline

Trampoline Safety End Decks are a metal platform with single wedged safety mattress that folds and wheels away for  easy storage.  The platform is safely attached to the end of the trampoline to provide extra safety and reduce falls from the ends of the trampoline.  This is an essential safety item for all venues teaching somersault skills.

 £1500 plus vat and delivery.  

Order No. 77ADECKS

Trampoline Safety End Decks

Trampoline Push on Safety Mats are used during the learning phase of new skills and are essential in all trampolining environments.  The Trampoline Safety Matt should be suitable for the level of skill being covered.  We recommend a minimum of 4in, 6in and 8 inches deep to cover  a range of skills

5 X 4ft X 4in £150 plus vat and delivery   Order No.  PUSHMAT544

5 X 4ft X 6in £175 plus vat and delivery   Order No.  PUSHMAT546

6 X 4ft X 8in £250 plus vat and delivery   Order No.  PUSHMAT648

Trampoline Push on Mat

Trampoline Safety End Deck Mats have a single wedge for added safety and are made specifically for trampoline safety end decks.

Diving mats have a double wedge and are placed between two trampolines for added safety when placed end to end

£350  End Deck matt (each) 8x5ftx8in Order No.  ENDDECKMATT

£350 Dividing Mat (each)  8x4ftx8in  Order No.  DIVMATT

End Deck & Dividing Mats

All equipment is manufactured to order and we require an official purchase order and payment in full before manufacture can commence unless otherwise agreed.  Delivery depends on workloads but please notice trampolines can take up to 12 weeks to produce.  All times scales given are estimates and we will do our best to deliver as quickly as possible.