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This TC certificated staff training course enables you to coach unsupervised, the skills contained within the syllabus at the time you took the course for the benefit of your pupils.  The course covers setting out and packing away equipment, trampolining code of practice, shaped jumps, half & full twist jumps, skills up to and including half twist into and out of the seat, front and back landing. Basic combination of skills, complex twisting skills, skills leading to forwards and backwards somersault,  observation & analysis, coaching and  bio mechanics theory.

Entry Requirements

No previous trampoline coaching or personal performance is required to attend this course. However,any personal experienced gained prior to the course will be beneficial.  We would advise learning up to front landings to aid your progression on the course.

Minimum Age

 21 years.

Course Syllabus

The Trampoline Instructors course covers all skills from complete beginner through to forward and backwards somersault tucked.  Safety, coaching, biomechanical principles as well as setting out and packing away equipment.

Assessment Criteria

The practical element of this course is internally assessed throughout the duration of the course by our professional qualified courses tutors who will assess your competence to teach trampolining through a variety of assessment methods  A written theory examination (pass mark 60%) will be completed at the end of this course.  Both the practical and theory elements must be passed to successfully complete the course.  Further courses of CPD may be recommended upon completion of the course.

Course Fees

Includes, coachign resources, 1 x hand held coaching belt, assessment & certification, free confidential advice, mentoring and support for as long as you continue to use our services.

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Trampoline Instructors Award Level 1&2