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Ceiling Heights for:

Recreational Trampolining

The minimum recommended ceiling height for recreational trampolining in 5 metres although this is not always essential   The key is to risk assess your activity based on the pupils and level of trampolining skill being performed.  A group of special needs pupils with restricted movement will not need much height as their activity will most likely be in close contact with the trampoline bed.

Competitive Trampolining

For competitive trampolining  a minimum of 8 metres is advisable.

When measuring the height it is taken from the top of the trampoline frame to the lowest protruding item on the ceiling that may interfere with someone bouncing on the trampoline.

The measurement for recreational trampolining and/or competitive trampolining are not set in stone.  It is up to the head coach or teacher in charge to risk assess the area and decide if the ceiling height is appropriate to the trampolining activity taking place and the pupils being taught.

If you have primary aged children practicing simple skills they will not require as much  height as an experienced secondary school pupil performing the same skills.  

The key is to risk assess. Draw up a written risk assessment to show you have taken steps to protect the pupils and reduce the risks involved during your trampolining sessions..

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